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Settling in Canada

The more preparation you can do before moving to Canada, the easier it will be for you to settle in after your arrival. 

Your first accommodation might be a hotel room, a short-term rental, an apartment or a house. Some newcomers choose to stay with friends or family already living in Canada.

Whatever you opt for, remember that your first lodgings are most likely temporary. You’ll be better equipped to find the right home for you after you’ve settled in a bit, when you know more about how things work and the cost of living and housing cost. The following are what you need to research on to help in finding accommodation;

  • Specialized property sale and rental websites
  • Newspapers and classifieds websites
  • Social media
  • Friends, colleagues and acquaintances
  • “For sale” or “For rent” signs on the street
  • Organizations for newcomers to Canada
  • For students, housing search resources offered by your educational institution
Some Canadian cities offer resources to help with finding affordable housing. To be eligible, you often have to meet certain conditions, such as having an income below a given threshold.
If you’re interested in buying a property, check out our advice on