Parental Sponsorship Consultant In Oshawa, Parental Sponsorship Whitby

Parental Sponsorship Consultant In Oshawa, Parental Sponsorship Whitby

If you wish to sponsor your parents or grandparents and have them come to Canada as a permanent resident, you first have to submit an “Interest to Sponsor” form, in the hopes that Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will invite you to apply. This form is available to submit in January or February of each year.

Parental Sponsorship Consultant In Oshawa

Canada Parental Sponsorship Common  Questions

  1. Can my parent(s) or grandparent(s) be sponsored if they have a medical condition?

Their application could be denied if they have a medical condition that is inadmissible to Canada. Any serious medical conditions must be disclosed to us prior to submitting your application.

  1. Can I sponsor my parents permanently if they are living in Canada with temporary status?

Yes you can. It should be clearly indicated where such applications should be processed in order to avoid the requirement of your parents having to leave Canada to gain their permanent resident status, but it is possible.

  1. Is there a cutoff on the quantity of utilizations the public authority can process each year?

Indeed. The Canadian government right now acknowledges 10,000 applications each year for handling.

  1. Can I include dependent children on a parental sponsorship?

Yes, dependent children who meet the definition of a “dependent child” can be included on Oshawa  Consultant For Parental Sponsorship

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Why u need to choose Canada?

It’s little wonder why Canada makes it to the top of every other global quality of life ranking. From gender equality to religious freedom, human rights to per capita income, and education to healthcare, this North American country scores higher on all attributes than any other nation adding more appeal to its status as a prime immigration destination. With around 22% of Canadians being migrants and one in each five Canadians being an unfamiliar conceived, the nation invites 250,000 settlers consistently advancing quickly up in the rundown of nations with biggest worker populaces.