Parent sponsorship visa consultant in Clarington, Ontario

Parent sponsorship visa consultant in Clarington, Ontario

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Many foreign nationals chasing their dreams are wondering how to immigrate to Canada. But the Canadian government’s rules for settling here are complex and hard to navigate. Put our immigration expertise and legal services to work for your project. We’ll verify your eligibility for the available work or study permit applications and find the most suitable Canadian immigration program for you.

Parent Sponsorship

If you wish to bring your relatives to Canada, then it is possible through various sponsorship programs. People who want to bring their parents and their grandparents to live with them in Canada can do it by using Parent Sponsorship. Many permanent Canadian residents want to relocate their parents or grandparents to Canada to live with them. The candidates have to fill out an online interest to sponsor form to mark their interest. The Canadian federal government has provided an opportunity through this program to the country’s residents to sponsor the relocation of parents or grandparents. This program is conducted only once a year. The 2021 intake will accept 30,000 applications which is a record-high number for this program.

Eligibility for parent sponsorship

There are certain eligibility criteria that a candidate has to fulfill to apply for parent sponsorship:

  • The sponsor should be of at least 18 years of age
  • The sponsor should be a child or grandchild of the sponsored person
  • The sponsor should be a Canadian citizen or have a permanent residency in Canada or be registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian
  • The sponsor must be able to support their parents/grandparents

There are certain requirements for the sponsored person also that they need to follow:

  • The sponsored parents or grandparents have to submit a police certificate to prove that they have no criminal
  • The sponsored parents or grandparents have to undergo medical
  • The sponsored parents or grandparents must be admissible to Canada as a
  • The sponsored parents or grandparents have to buy Canadian medical insurance coverage for at least one

Application Procedure

The application procedure for the parent sponsorship is categorized into two:

  1. The applicant has to become a sponsor
  2. Your parents or grandparents have to apply for permanent The steps to complete the application for parent sponsorship are:
  • Submit the Interest to Sponsor Form.
  • The first step is to submit an online application form. It is available at the beginning of the year for a limited time. Unlike the “first come, first serve” basis, the applications are now invited
  • Get an invitation to submit a complete application.
  • The IRCC invites potential sponsors to submit the complete application form in the same way they earlier submitted the interest to sponsor