Study Permit

Canada provides an array of international universities that helps international students to study, shape their career and obtain permanent residency in Canada. There is a constant increase in number of international students. Many of these students are choosing Canada over other developed countries because of certain advantages that studying in Canada can bring.

Canada not only welcomes students to study but also provides the opportunity to work and enhance their international work experience which eventually helps them to become Canadian Citizens.

An international student can study in Canada on study permit only if they have taken up full-time studies in a Designated Learning Institution. You can find the list of DLI and apply for a program of your interest.

Once you are accepted by the DLI, you can apply for a study permit along with a temporary resident visa to come and study in Canada.

With an approved study permit you can stay up to validity of your study permit plus extra 90 days, which allows you to prepare to leave Canada or apply to extend your stay.

A valid study permit allows you to study and work in Canada, you may also go back to your home country in your breaks.

Eligibility requirements

You apply for a study permit, you should have,

A proof of acceptance in a designated learning institution (DLI) for a certain period of study

Proof of finances required for the payment of your:

tuition fees of the program you have taken up

day to day life expenses for yourself and any family members who may come with you

return transportation for yourself and any family members who may come with you

You should be obeying law and order and should not have any criminal record

You should be in good health and could get a medical exam (if required)

You should prove that you will leave Canada at the time of expiration of your study permit.