Benefits of Canadian Study Permit

Study- Work - Earn- Experience- Permanent Residency

Canada provides ample opportunities for the international students. They can get valuable Canadian education and also earn while studying. Their spouses or common-law-partner may work on open work permit. With postgraduate work permit they can accumulate Canadian work experience leading to the permanent resident pathway.

Earn while you study

As an international student if you are enrolled for a full-time study and your study permit states that you are allowed to work on- campus and off- campus you may work while you complete your studies.

On-campus Work

On-campus work implies to the work that you can take up at all the buildings inside your school campus. Although your school may have many campuses, you may be allowed to work in the one you’re studying.

Off- Campus work

A student enrolled in full-time studies may work off-campus without work permit up to 20 hours/week

During scheduled breaks in the school year

When you are in a scheduled break, such as winter and summer holidays, you may work full-time. You are even allowed to work overtime or work 2 part-time jobs that add up to a full-time work.

If you have received a study permit which doesn’t have work conditions on it, you can request for the addition of these conditions if you’re eligible to work off campus. This will be an amendment to your study permit

Work for your partner

You spouse or common-law-partner can get an open work permit, which will be valid for the same period of time as your study permit.

Temporary work after your graduate

When you finish you studies as a full-time student you can work on post-graduate work permit. This permit allows to work with any employer and gain Canadian work experience.

Pathway to Permanent Residency

The work experience obtained as a worker on post-graduate work permit can be used to qualify for permanent residency in Canada. With Canadian education and work experience you may attract a Provincial nomination or may qualify for Canadian Experience Class leading to Permanent Resident Visa to Canada.