Caregiver Program

On June 19, 2019 Canada has launched two new 5-year pilot programs for caregivers. This provides opportunity to work in Canada as caregiver and also to become permanent resident of Canada in 2 years time period. With this new pilot program Canada intends to welcome 5,500 families per year. Once they have accumulated two years of work experience, the pathway to permanent residence is guaranteed.

Requirements and application process for new caregiver pilot program:

To qualify for this program caregivers need a valid job offer to work in Canada, additionally

they must:

  • Meet language tests minimum criteria (CLB of 5 in English or NCLC of 5 in French);
  • Have one year of post-secondary education in Canada or equivalent;
  • Meet the admissibility criteria.

The language tests accepted for these pilots are CELPIP-G (English), IELTS – general training (English) and TEF (French). The test results must be less than 2 years old when submitting the application.

Unique features of Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilots

  • Occupation-specific work permits instead of employer-specific work permits, to allow candidates to change jobs.
  • Open work permits and/or study permits for immediate family members.
  • Guaranteed permanent residence. Once two years of work experience is accumulated, candidates will be able to become permanent residents quickly.
  • Employers do not need to go through the process of LMIA.

The Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker pilots will, according to the Canadian government’s website, allow "a clear transition from temporary to permanent status, to ensure that once caregivers have met the work experience requirement, they will be able to become permanent residents quickly".