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If you are a foreign entrepreneur or investor and you wish to invest in Canada, you may be eligible to immigrate permanently. Learn more about Canada's many immigration options for business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors.

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The Canadian Business Immigration Program has the objective to provide new opportunities in Canadian markets, to those who have the skills, knowledge and experience to contribute towards its growth.

Canada has most established investment-based programs which helps the immigrant to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Available Business Immigration Programs streams are

Self-Employed Program

As the name suggests, this program is for people who are capable of creating their own employment. They should be skilled and experienced to contribute towards the Canada’s employment culturally, artistically or athletically. Additionally, they should have the appropriate business plan and funds to apply under self-employed programs.

Entrepreneur Visa

These programs extend an opportunity to utilize Canada’s growing economic power and also helps in obtaining permanent residency in Canada.

This is one of the most suggested programs however the to qualify for the Entrepreneur Program, applicants must:

Have experience and knowledge for operation of businesses

Purchase and establish a business in Canada within 2 years of landing in Canada, making significant contribution in Canada’s economy

Actively participate in the management of the business

Provide employment to at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other than the entrepreneur and his dependents.

A report needs to be submitted on regular basis to ensure the fulfillment of the conditions and progress on a regular basis for a period of two years.

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