Canada citizenship application services in Edmonton

Canada citizenship application services in Edmonton

Visarete Immigration Agency is a certified Canadian immigration consultant based in Toronto. An organization that helps people from all over the world migrate to Canada. We are a well-known, dynamic, and successful organization established in Toronto. Settling in a new country is a life-changing event. visarete helps you navigate the complex and often changing rules of immigration. Our goal is simple: to bring your project to immigrate, work, invest, or study in Canada from dream to reality. Whether you are a skilled worker, a business owner, a recent graduate, or criminally inadmissible; Canada can become your new home.

Many foreign nationals chasing their dreams are wondering how to immigrate to Canada. However, the Canadian government’s rules for settling here are complex and hard to navigate. Put our immigration expertise and legal services to work for your project. We’ll verify your eligibility for the available work or study permit applications and find the most suitable Canadian immigration program for you.

If you wish to apply for Canadian citizenship, you may apply for a citizenship grant under the Citizenship Act. To apply for Canadian citizenship you must be a permanent resident of Canada and be physically present in Canada and meet other citizenship requirements as well, besides citizenship residency requirements. Some points to consider when applying for Canadian citizenship are as follows:

  1. You must be 18 years or older to
  2. You must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days in the past five years and meet all the citizenship residency requirements.
  3. You must have filed income taxes for any three taxation years that are fully or partially within five years before you apply.
  4. You are not prohibited under sections 21 or 22 of the Citizenship
  5. You must be able to effectively communicate in English/French.
  6. You must have knowledge of the Canadian responsibilities and privileges of a Canadian citizen and must be able to show that in English/French.

Ineligibility for Citizenship:

You may not be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship if:


  1. You have a criminal
  2. You are under criminal convictions outside
  3. You have been issued a deportation/removal
  4. Your Canadian citizenship has been
  5. You still need to meet the terms and conditions required for citizenship including citizenship residency requirements.
  6. You have been previously refused citizenship due to misinterpretation or fraudulent


How to apply for Citizenship:

After checking your eligibility, you can apply for Canadian citizenship by filling out an application form. The steps are as follows:

Citizenship Application Package:

The application package you have to use depends upon your condition:

  • You are an adult (18 years or above).
  • You are a parent applying for a
  • You are a minor (below 18 years) applying without Canadian
  • You are an adult who has served in the Canadian Armed
  • You are a stateless person born to a Canadian
  • You have been adopted by a Canadian

The application package will consist of an instruction guide and document checklist to help you fill out your application effectively. If you are applying for more than one person and want all applications to be processed together you may send the applications together in one envelope along with all requisite documents.

Citizenship Application Fees:

The application fee has to be paid in Canadian dollars. It is non-refundable. You may use one payment receipt if you are sending your family’s application together in one envelope.

Submit your Citizenship Application:

Once you have filled out your application correctly and paid all applicable fees you will be required to submit your application to Case Processing Center-Sydney (CPC-S). If your application is incomplete and lacks important information, it will be sent back to you.